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Monthly eBook

Every month, you'll get a short, but powerful, topical eBook sent to your email when you sign up for the Miracle Channel eNewsletter.

These ebooks cover topics from finances and relationships to gaining peace and patience in your life, among MANY others.

Here's a sneak peak of this month's eBook:

What happens when you don't sense or feel God's presence? Sometimes we think that He's abandoned us to handle things on our own, but that's never the case. Choosing to praise God has a powerful way of getting you reconnected to His presence. When you feel distant from God, praise refocuses your heart and mind on His goodness, fills you with peace, and takes your eyes off your situation and back onto the answer!

This eBook will cover five of the incredible benefits of choosing to praise, even when we might not feel like it. Every chapter will illustrate the power you can walk in when you add praise and worship as an important part of your daily routine.

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Walk in the Word Scripture declarations

Walk in the Word is a powerful resource designed to empower you to declare God's promises over your life. Each month, you can download a PDF with five uplifting declarations along with their original Scripture verses.

Here's just one of the declarations in this month's Walk in the Word from 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (ESV)—"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

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Daily Email Devotional


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Devoted is a daily devotional from Miracle Channel pastors Jeremy Prest, Zach Fontaine, David Craig, Eden Fontaine-Shimoda and Michala Fontaine-Stannard, along with Leon Fontaine's timeless teaching from the archives.

In each devotional, you'll get the best of their teaching written in bite-sized pieces that only take two minutes to read. Use Devoted to kickstart your time in God's Word each day—and renew your mind with wisdom, hope and daily encouragement!

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Devoted Journals

Engage with God's Word on a deeper level with our topical Devoted Journals! Each journal includes 20 days of devotionals with extra space to jot down your own thoughts, notes and prayers.

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Devoted Journals

The Miracle Channel Podcast

Subscribe to our three times weekly podcast, featuring messages from a variety of pastors on our station. You'll hear messages from speakers like Eden Fontaine-Shimoda, Dr. David Jeremiah, Joyce Meyer, Leon Fontaine, Jeremy Prest and many more. New episodes out every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!


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Monthly Giving Bundle

Our gift for monthly giving this year is something called Resource Bundles. Each one is based on a theme for the month and includes tools to take you deeper in your relationship with God.

Each bundle will include an interactive devotional workbook, a beautiful printout of Walk in the Word Scripture declarations on quality card stock, a digital audio message and a vinyl sticker displaying various Bible verses.

The interactive workbook takes the content from our monthly eBook and has added reflection questions to help you dig into God's Word and put it into practice in your life. The audio message will help you go even deeper into the topic. And both the sticker and the Walk in the Word printout will act as great reminders that you can put up around your home.

You'll receive this month's bundle for a one-time gift of $50 or more. Or get this and future bundles for a recurring gift of $35+ monthly.


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Our online courses are made with love for those who want to go deeper in God's Word. Each course includes teaching from Leon and exclusive resources for students.
Survival Guide: Your 30 Day Lifeline to Healing
Survival Guide: Your 30 Day Lifeline to Healing
Battling a health crisis? Let Leon be your coach as you learn to believe, trust and walk in the power of God's promise of healing.
Building Strong Healthy Families
Building Strong Healthy Families
Learn 31 Biblical principles to help you raise a strong family with bonus content from Dr. Kevin Leman.
12 Days of Prayer
12 Days of Prayer (Free!)
Learn how to be skilled and effective in your prayers. Eden Shimoda tag-teams with Leon to teach on the nine types of prayer and when to use them according to scripture.
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Books by Leon Fontaine

*Available with a donation to Miracle Channel.
The Spirit Contemporary Life Book
The Spirit Contemporary Life
The Spirit Contemporary way of life involves communicating with others as Jesus would... using their language, stories and settings. Leon draws on Biblical truth and personal stories to reveal how this dynamic first century faith can be yours when you live so in tune with God that you're guided in ways that are both natural and supernatural.
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Supernatural Promises Book
Supernatural Promises
Many Christians know the Word, but they struggle to see the power it can have on their everyday world. In this book, Leon will coach you through the process of Biblical meditation so you can connect with the Word and transform your life. Learn how to take God's promises from your head to your heart in over 70 different areas.
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