Join our prayer team

Use your faith to pray for believers in our Miracle Channel family. When we get a prayer request over the phone or in an email, we'll forward the names to you so you can stand in agreement with them.

When you join the team, you'll get 5 emails with messages from Leon Fontaine to invest in you as a prayer volunteer.

You'll also get quarterly training packages sent by email, including resources like:

  • a downloadable resource to help you declare God's promises
  • an eBook to help you dig deeper in the Word on prayer
  • or a free audio message from Leon Fontaine

There might be a few bonuses along the way too!

Free course: 12 Days of Prayer

As a prayer volunteer, it's so important to know the promises from the Word so you can stand in agreement with others. In this free course, Leon Fontaine will show you how to pray powerful prayers that bring results in your life—and in the lives of those you pray for. Eden Shimoda joins Leon to talk about the nine types of prayer and will teach you when to use each one according to scripture.
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