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Like you, we're troubled by the world moving further away from God. And like you, we know that it's when people understand Jesus' love that real change happens. This is why your donation matters.

Because of your giving, every person in Canada will have the chance to know the truth about a God who loves them.


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Product Offer

Supercharge Your Faith

I hope you're discovering just how exciting life can be when you follow Holy Spirit's lead and reach out to others in a natural way.

One of the major keys to living with this Spirit Contemporary faith.

The trouble is, Satan loves to attack our right to use our faith. He wants us to feel unworthy to walk in the power and authority we have in Christ... when the truth is, Jesus earned us those rights.

In my three-part audio series, Supercharge Your Faith, you'll learn:

  • the forgotten basics of faith,
  • how to gain an unshakable confidence in your rights as a believer, and
  • the truth about how to build faith.

You can start walking in the kind of faith that causes you to embrace challenges and rise above every storm with confidence. Discover how to supercharge your faith and live every day with courage and passion!


*Product offers available to Canadian residents only.

Monthly Bundle Offer

Love and Identity Bundle

Learn how to avoid counterfeit love and instead experience God's genuine, unconditional love for you. As you become rooted in His love, it will transform your relationships! This resource bundle includes:

  • Loved by God: 5 Truths to Anchor Your Heart (interactive workbook)
  • Selfless Love (Walk in the Word Scripture declarations)
  • Counterfeit Love Is Toxic (audio message by Leon Fontaine)
  • And a durable, vinyl sticker displaying John 15:12

This bundle already includes a digital download of the audio message. Please select whether you would like a CD version as well.

Receive this month's bundle for a one-time gift of $50 or more. Or get this and future bundles for a recurring gift of $35+ monthly.



Devoted Journal


Engage with God's Word on a deeper level with our topical Devoted Journals! Each journal includes 20 days of devotionals with extra space to jot down your own thoughts, notes and prayers.Get a copy of any individual Devoted Journal sent to your mailbox for a gift of $10 or more. Or to receive all 12 Devoted Journals, make a one-time gift of $120 or more.

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*Product offers available to Canadian residents only.

When it comes to all of you at the Miracle Channel, words are just not enough! THANK YOU! I always believed in God, but never knew anything about Jesus until I heard the truth on Miracle Channel. It drew me in like a magnet.


Most of the time I am home alone because I have a few health problems. My only satisfaction comes from the services I watch on the Miracle Channel. We need this blessed channel. Without it, we would be totally lost with no hope.

Judith from Calgary, Alberta

I watch Miracle Channel every single day. This is a treasure and a lifeline to many of us in the Canadian Arctic. We don't get many opportunities to hear great teaching. Thank you and God bless you!

Nancy, from Coaldale, Alberta

Where your donation goes:

1. Production

Miracle Channel is filled with programs that are building people up in their faith. Your giving not only makes it possible to sustain our broadcast, but it means we can create brand new, creative programming.

2. Devoted

Because of your giving, Holy Spirit is using this daily devotional to speak to people right where they're at—and in their own language! With your giving, this impact will continue to grow as we reach more people around the world.

3. Corco+

This streaming service is a place you can stream thousands of TV shows, movies and ministry programs. Your giving is supporting media made by Christians, which is changing the media landscape for the better.

4. News

We're passionate about providing news that's truthful, balanced and shares all sides of the story. Your giving helps us grow our news team.

5. Corco

In 2022, we launched a new TV channel reaching 1.2 million more homes. Your giving helps us expand our distribution bringing us closer to the goal—that every person in Canada will have the chance to hear the truth about Jesus.

"For 'Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.' But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them?" (Romans 10:13-14)

Give what you can so every person in Canada can hear the truth about a God who loves them.


The CORE is a passionate group of monthly givers who believe in the vision to bring the truth about Jesus to every person in Canada.
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Kingdom Builders

It's because of these special people that we're able to walk through every open door that comes our way.
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Legacy Giving

Leave a gift to Miracle Channel in your will and make it possible to reach every person in Canada with the truth about Jesus.
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