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What started in 1996 as a small signal in Lethbridge, Alberta has grown into a TV station with multiple outreaches bringing hope to Canada... and the world.

Miracle Channel was Canada's first (and is still the only) all-Christian TV station. Joyce Meyer, Dr. David Jeremiah, Joel Osteen, and local pastors in Canada are just a few of our life-long friends you'll become familiar with on our channel.

One thing you should know—in everything we do, our goal is to share the truth about Jesus to people so they can experience his love, joy, hope, peace and victory! And it's all funded by donations from people like you.

Hello, I'm so grateful for your ministry. I'm so blessed each time I watch your shows. I am praying always for you and the families that work so hard to keep the broadcasting going. Thank you so much for spreading the gospel to all nations. I thank God every day for Miracle Channel. It has taught me a lot! l've overcome some addictions, and been set free from depression. I'm so happy now… God is good! God Bless You All. Love always, Geraldine

Coaldale, Alberta

Outreaches powered by Miracle Channel donors

TV Channel

24/7 Christian broadcast sharing the truth about Jesus through teaching, talk shows, movies, news and our very own original programming.
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Bridge City News

Serving the local Lethbridge area, BCN delivers daily newscasts from a grass-roots perspective sharing your stories.
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Miracle Channel's streaming service where you can steam thousands of TV shows, movies and ministry programs.
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A daily devotional written by our CEO and (Springs Church) pastor, Leon Fontaine. You can get the devotional sent daily by email, or a booklet mailed every quarter.
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Online Courses

Our growing library of courses by Leon Fontaine is designed to guide you deeper in God's Word on topics like healing, prayer and your relationship with Holy Spirit.
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Leon Fontaine

Leon Fontaine is Senior Pastor of Springs Church, one of the largest churches in Canada, a world-renowned speaker, and author of The Spirit Contemporary Life and Supernatural Promises. He and his wife, Sally, have five children who are all passionately serving in ministry.

Since Leon became Miracle Channel’s CEO in January of 2010, he’s led the station through unprecedented growth, inspiring everyone to think bigger for the purpose of advancing God's Kingdom.

His passion and leadership make Miracle Channel a fruitful place to give, and one that will be for years to come!

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Frequently asked questions

Watching Miracle Channel

1. How do I get Miracle Channel on my TV?

You can check to see what cable and satellite providers are currently airing Miracle Channel in this list here.

See current cable and satellite providers.

If you don't see your cable or satellite provider on the above list, you can send this sample request letter in the mail (or by email) to your provider company. Read it through, change the details so they are true to you, then send!

View sample request letter.
2. What types of programs do you air?

The programs on Miracle Channel are geared to help you pursue Jesus and find life.

You'll find programs from world-renowned ministries and teachers like Leon Fontaine, Dr. David Jeremiah, Joyce Meyer, Joel Osteen and Joseph Prince.

There's great talk shows in the schedule like Believer's Voice of Victory with Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Better Together from TBN and 100 Huntley Street.

On top of that you'll get to watch documentaries, a daily news program (Bridge City News), kids shows on Saturday mornings and movies on Saturday evenings.

3. How do I request Miracle Channel from my cable or satellite provider?

You can call, email or write a letter to your cable provider to request Miracle Channel.

We've written a sample letter to give you a place to start. Read it through and change the details so they're true to you. Then copy and paste into an email or print and send as a letter.

View sample request letter.


1. What are the different ways I can donate?

1. By cheque
The Miracle Channel Association
10-450 31 Street N
Lethbridge, AB T1H 3Z3

2. By phone: call 1.800.414.2545.

3. Give online at
*If you already donate to Miracle Channel, you can sign in through our donor portal and make a donation from your account here.

4. E-transfer: send funds to

5. Pre-authorized chequing withdrawal: call 1.800.414.2545 for help setting this up.

2. How do I set up a monthly donation?

There are two ways to set up a recurring donation.

1.  Call our office during regular business hours (Mon. - Fri. 8am - 4:30pm MT).

You can call our office during business hours at 1.800.414.2545 and tell our Donor Relations team that you'd like to give monthly. They'll set it up for you.

2. Go to and set up a recurring donation there. After you enter the amount you'd like to donate, make sure you check the box that indicates you want it to be a recurring gift (vs. one-time donation)  

3. What is a Kingdom Builder?

A Kingdom Builder is someone who's part of a special giving group here at Miracle Channel.

Kingdom Builders are people who give a minimum of $500 each month, or $6000 each year. It's because of our Kingdom Builders that we're able to walk through every open door that comes our way.

To make a donation to join this giving group, click here.

4. How do I make a gift to you in my will?

You can reach out to your lawyer and request that part of your estate be left to Miracle Channel in your will. They'll be able to sort out details with you.

If you haven't started will planning, there's a kit we've put together to help you get started. Call 1.800.414.2545 to request one to be mailed to you.

5. What is the "CORE"

The CORE is a passionate group of monthly givers driven to see every person in Canada get the chance to hear the truth about Jesus.

When you donate monthly to Miracle Channel, you keep us strong so we can take on new opportunities to share the truth about Jesus. This is why we've named this group the Miracle Channel Core. We can count on their support every month as we plan for the future and bring hope to homes across the country.

To start giving monthly click here. Make sure you check the box that indicates it's a monthly gift. If you'd like assistance you can call our office at 1.800.414.2545 (Mon. - Fri. 8:30am - 4:30pm MT).

6. Do I get a tax receipt?

If you live in Canada you will get a charitable tax receipt for your donation. Click here to make a donation.

CRA # 897377065 RR 0001


1. What is Corco?

Corco is the brand-new channel we launched on August 26th, 2021! If you're looking for life-giving TV, you'll love the huge variety of positive entertainment, teaching programs from top international ministries, news commentary and original Canadian programs.

Right now, Corco is available on:
- Bell MTS basic cable across Manitoba (Channel 1514)
- Bell Satellite TV in parts of Ontario (Channel 657)

We expect to launch to 1.4 million additional homes on the Bell platform in 2022. And we believe this new channel will cover most of Canada within the next three years. Pray with us for favour as we await approval from the CRTC!

2. Do you have a second channel?

Yes! We launched a second channel named Corco on August 26th, 2021. Don't worry, the original Miracle Channel will continue going strong. But with this new channel, we'll be able to reach millions of additional homes with the truth about Jesus!


1. Can I get today's message from Leon on CD?

Unfortunately, we don't have copies of Leon's messages from The Spirit Contemporary Life available on CD. However, we have select series from Leon available for a donation. Call 1.800.414.2545 to ask about our current product offer.

2. How do I get your devotional/eBook?

You can sign up for Leon Fontaine's devotional at You can get the daily version sent to your email. Or sign up to have the booklet mailed to you every quarter.

Leon's eBook teaching is sent to those on our newsletter list every month. To sign up and get this month's eBook go to

3. How do I get Corco+?  

Corco+ was created as a gift for our Miracle Channel donors, but a selection of programs—including our livestream—is available to anyone who signs up. If you want to see what it's all about, sign up with just your email address at

4. Can you help me with my Corco+ account?

Absolutely! You can send our team a Corco+ support ticket at this link. We'll get back to you during our regular office hours and will get back to you by the end of the next business day after submitting your request.

5. Can you translate (one of our resources) into Spanish?/Other language?

Currently we translate our monthly eBooks by Leon Fontaine into Spanish. To sign up to receive the Spanish translation of Leon's eBook each month, go to

Leon's daily devotional, Devoted with Leon, is translated into several languages. If you speak another language and want to see if we have a Devoted translation for you, go to

If you see a resource you would like to have translated or have language suggestions for our next Devoted translation, send an email to We'll take your suggestion into consideration. Your feedback helps us see which languages and resources are needed most.


1. Does Miracle Channel have a prayer line?

Whenever you need prayer, you can send us your prayer requests by phone or email.

To phone in, call 1.800.414.2545.
Or send an email to this address:

2. I need prayer, can you pray for me/someone I know?

Of course! There's power when we pray together.

When you send us your prayer request by phone or email, we also send your prayer needs to our prayer team. That means over 400 people are lifting you up in prayer!

Call 1.800.414.2545 to share your prayer request. Or email


1. What is the difference between Miracle Channel and Springs Church? (And what is Leon's role in both organizations?)

Miracle Channel and Springs Church are two different organizations, both led by Leon Fontaine.

Leon is CEO of Miracle Channel, a 24/7 Christian TV station in Canada.

Leon is also senior pastor of Springs Church with locations in Manitoba and Alberta.

Because they are two separate organizations Miracle Channel and Springs Church cannot share donor information with one another due to The Privacy Act.

2. Are you a Catholic Ministry? Are you a Christian ministry? etc.

Miracle Channel is a Christian, non-denominational TV station in Canada. To see our statement of faith, click here.

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