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Leon Filming

The Spirit Contemporary Life with Leon Fontaine

Featuring the best of Leon Fontaine's weekly teachings, this daily program teaches audiences how to unleash the miraculous in their everyday world!
Weekdays at 3pm & 8pm MST

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Return to Reason with David Craig and Jeremy Prest

Return to Reason

Through daily newscasts, and online content, Bridge City News shares a grass-roots perspective of current affairs to serve our audience in Lethbridge, Southern Alberta, and beyond.

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Hear the Word of God from hand selected pastors on our Midweek. In each episode you'll hear practical principles and timely wisdom for your everyday life.

Counter Culture with David Craig

Counter Culture

Join David Craig on Counter Culture and learn how to navigate faith, culture and politics in our world today... all through the lens of God's Word.

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Grey Matter

Grey Matter

Join Leighton Grey and his guests as they think outside the box, tackle subjects that are often taboo and question the narrow worldviews so prevalent today.

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Leaders on the Frontier

Leaders on the Frontier

Leaders on the Frontier features discussions of common sense and good governance from this non-partisan, cutting-edge think tank.

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All In with Eden Shimoda

All In

Eden Fontaine-Shimoda gives you practical tools for your walk with God and encourages you to live "all in" with Him—holding nothing back.

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Essentials with Zach Fontaine


Zach Fontaine shares the essential building blocks of faith that every Christian should know to live a full, rich Christian life the way God designed.

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Five in the wild

Five in the Wild

5 In The Wild is a docusoap that follows businessman, pastor and family man, Leon Fontaine, as he takes his son and 4 sons-in-law away from the city for new adventures.


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