Love and Identity Bundle

Learn how to avoid counterfeit love and instead experience God's genuine, unconditional love for you. As you become rooted in His love, it will transform your relationships! This resource bundle includes:

  • Loved by God: 5 Truths to Anchor Your Heart (interactive workbook)
  • Selfless Love (Walk in the Word Scripture declarations)
  • Counterfeit Love Is Toxic (audio message by Leon Fontaine)
  • And a durable, vinyl sticker displaying John 15:12

This bundle already includes a digital download of the audio message. Please select whether you would like a CD version as well.

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Take The Next Steps to Experience God's Love

Your life begins to change in every area when you realize how loved you are by God! His love isn't fake, cheap or phony. It's genuine, unconditional and powerful. When you fully understand how loved you are, it not only changes how you love yourself but how you love others around you.

Here are our recommended steps on how to get the most out of this Love and Identity bundle:

Step 1: Start with reading the workbook and answer the guided reflection questions to let them sink deep in your heart.

Step 2: Listen to the audio message called "Counterfeit Love Is Toxic" by Leon Fontaine. Simply scan the QR code on the last page of the book and you'll be taken directly to the message.

Step 3: Read and meditate on the eight Scripture declarations on selfless love. These verses are printed on a beautiful quality paper so you can frame it, hang it or stick it on your fridge!

Step 4: Lastly, take the high-quality vinyl sticker with John 15:12 printed on it and stick it somewhere that you see every day! Place it on your journal, water bottle, phone or anywhere you'd like.

Receive this month's bundle for a one-time gift of $50 or more. Or get this and future bundles for a recurring gift of $35+ monthly. Every month, we'll release a bundle covering a NEW topic that will bless you and transform your life.

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