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Miracle Channel's programs are centred on hope, God's love, and the truth about Him and His Word. Here, on this broadcast, we'll help you pursue Jesus and find abundant life in Him.

Whether you're coming to watch a specific teacher, or you need something encouraging to play in the background as you go about your day, we've got you covered. Find the hope and truth you're looking for right here on Miracle Channel.

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It's time to really live.

Media is influential. What we watch influences our thoughts, emotions and ultimately... our lives. Miracle Channel exists to give you a place to go for teaching that's full of hope and points you toward the truth about our loving God, His Word, and your purpose in this world.

Because when you truly understand Jesus' love, you'll experience peace, joy, hope, unity and purpose. That's when you'll really live.


27 years of bringing light to Canada.

The Miracle Channel broadcast was the first, and is still the only, all-Christian TV station in Canada. Since 1996, this channel has been bringing the light, hope and truth of Jesus to homes across Canada.

This impact is only continuing to grow with the launch of Corco, our new channel.

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Corco+ is our streaming service made by Christians, for Christians. On the app you can stream thousands of TV shows, movies and ministry programs with a tap of a finger. (And it's where you can watch our Miracle Channel and Corco livestreams!) To create an account, all you need is an email address.


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Leon Fontaine


Leon Fontaine, Miracle Channel's CEO, passed away suddenly on Saturday, November 19th, surrounded by family. He left an incredible legacy and impacted many lives with his leadership, teaching and powerful example of faith.

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