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Join us in making this summer significant!

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Miracle Channel—A Place for Life-Giving, Encouraging Media

What we allow into our hearts influences our thoughts, emotions and ultimately...our lives. One of the biggest influences today is the media we consume on a daily basis. Right now, the world is filled with damaging content that's constantly being pumped into our homes. Miracle Channel exists to give you a reliable place to go for content that's full of hope. Our goal is that everything we do points you towards the truth about Jesus, the promises in God's Word, and the hope you have in Him for an incredible life.

When you truly understand the love of Jesus and build a strong relationship with Him, that's when you'll experience the life He has for you and the peace, joy, hope, grace and victory that comes along with it!

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Miracle Channel changed my life. I get up, brush my teeth, grab a coffee and then God talks to me through the Miracle Channel. Jesus loves me, this I know. Lord Jesus died a painful death for all my sins. I am a new creation in Christ. I feel like dancing! Thank you, Miracle Channel!


Miracle Channel has brought clarity, hope and rejuvenation to our faith in a challenging time. We are so grateful.


I believe God's Word in giving and trusting Him to supply all my needs. Miracle Channel ministries has always blessed me in times when I need to hear Gods Word, thank You. ❤️🙏🏼


Hear God's Word Around the Clock

Miracle Channel's programs are centred on hope, God's love, and the truth about Him and His Word. Here, on this broadcast, we'll help you pursue Jesus and find abundant life in Him.

Whether you're coming to watch a specific teacher, or you need something encouraging to play in the background as you go about your day, we've got you covered. Find the hope and truth you're looking for right here on Miracle Channel.

Here are 3 Ways You Can Watch

Join us for Easter at Miracle Channel

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Love people
Inspire believers
Follow God's Word
Exemplify Jesus


Original Programs

All In

Eden Fontaine-Shimoda gives you practical tools for your walk with God and encourages you to live "all in" with Him—holding nothing back

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Behind the Scenes

Join the team at Miracle Channel every month as they talk about new programs on the station and other exciting projects.

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Bridge City News

Through daily newscasts, and online content, Bridge City News shares a grass-roots perspective of current affairs to serve our audience in Lethbridge, Southern Alberta, and beyond.

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Join real conversations on Canadian culture and current issues. You'll get the chance to explore both sides of the story, wrestle with the unfiltered facts, and find the best path forward.

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Counter Culture

Join David Craig on Counter Culture and learn how to navigate faith, culture and politics in our world today... all through the lens of God's Word.

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Zach Fontaine shares the essential building blocks of faith that every Christian should know to live a full, rich Christian life the way God designed.

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Grey Matter

Join Leighton Grey and his guests as they think outside the box, tackle subjects that are often taboo and question the narrow worldviews so prevalent today.

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Leaders on the Frontier

Leaders on the Frontier features discussions of common sense and good governance from this non-partisan, cutting-edge think tank.

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Hear the Word of God from hand selected pastors on Midweek. In each episode you'll hear practical principles and timely wisdom for your everyday life.

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The Spirit Contemporary Life

This program features the best of Leon Fontaine's teachings and teaches audiences how to unleash the miraculous in their everyday world!

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Watch Miracle Channel

28 Years of Broadcasting the Truth About Jesus to Canadians

What started in 1996 as a small station in Lethbridge, Alberta is now sharing the hope of Jesus across Canada.

Miracle Channel proudly stands as Canada's first and only all-Christian TV station. The combined impact of Miracle Channel, reaching 5.6 million homes, and our second channel, Corco, reaching 1.6 million homes, totals over 7 million people reached across the country. Every day, viewers can watch encouraging teaching from well-known speakers and an incredible lineup of Miracle Channel original shows, teaching programs, and news commentaries.

In everything we do, our goal is to share the truth about Jesus with every person in Canada. This mission is made possible through the generous support of our donors. Thanks to their giving, countless people have the chance to experience God's love, hope and victory in a real way!  

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