Bring hope to Canada

The most common prayer request we hear from our Miracle Channel family is healing for themselves or a loved one.

Your donation makes projects like this devotional possible so people who are struggling with their health and looking for answers can have hope.

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Request a Copy of "Hope"

Use the contact form below to request a copy for yourself or a loved one. "Hope: Devotions to Fill Your Heart With Peace" includes 40 devotions and a website link giving you exclusive access to over ten resources—including 50% off Leon's online course, Survival Guide: Your 30 Day Lifeline to Healing.

*This devotional will only be sent to addresses within Canada

You Make This New Outreach Possible

Once we secure the costs for printing and distribution in our Miracle Channel Family, this devotional will be sent to several non-profits to bring hope when people need it most. By giving today, you're making it possible to send this devotional to places like:

  • churches (to be used for congregation or hospital visitation)

  • hospitals

  • personal care homes, and

  • all other healthcare facilities

Because of you, people will hold onto hope. Thank you for making this possible.

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*Once the financial needs are met for this new devotional, funding will go to other outreaches that are bringing light and hope to homes across the country.