Happy New Year! We'd love to bring you Behind the Scenes on our plans for 2024!

2024 has begun and we couldn't be more excited for what's to come this year.

First, we wanted to take a minute to thank all our donors, especially those who gave sacrificially at the end of last year. Your generosity last year makes it possible for us to step into new opportunities THIS year.

In this month's episode of Behind the Scenes, Jeff Thiessen (Vice President) and David Craig (Director of Programming & Development) share the massive wins we experienced in 2023 and all the doors God opened for us to share the hope of Jesus to the world.

You'll also hear about new programs, changes to our daily devotional Devoted and so much more coming in 2024.

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Return to Reason: Grey Matter with Leighton Grey

Last month, one of our Return to Reason shows, Grey Matter with Leighton Grey, had on two very knowledgeable guests we'd like to highlight.

Watch this quick video to hear Jeff and David talk about having Shadoe Davis and Shawn Buckley on Grey Matter.

Visit the Return to Reason website here to watch more episodes from Grey Matter and other shows like Leaders on the Frontier with David Leis and CTZN with Jeremy Prest and David Craig.

Champions for Change: Rights & Health with Shawn Buckley & Leighton Grey

Shawn Buckley, Constitutional Lawyer and President of the Natural Health Products Protection Association joins Leighton Grey to discuss the heartwarming and heartbreaking stories caused by the pandemic.

Watch Now

From On-Air to On-Line with Shadoe Davis & Leighton Grey

Explore the riveting journey of former morning radio host Shadoe Davis as he confronts the challenges of woke ideologies at work, discovers redemption through Jesus Christ, and boldly charts a new path with his empowering and enlightening podcast.

Watch Now

Visit the Return to Reason website here to watch more episodes from Grey Matter and other shows like Leaders on the Frontier with David Leis and CTZN with Jeremy Prest and David Craig.

Hear about changes to our daily devotional Devoted

Starting this month, we're making some exciting changes to our daily devotional Devoted.

Leon Fontaine's teachings are timeless—and you'll still be blessed by many of his devotionals from the archives. But, this month, we're going to start including devotionals from other pastors in Leon's family (some of whom you may recognize from our channel): David Craig, Eden Fontaine-Shimoda, Zach Fontaine, Jeremy Prest and Michala Fontaine-Stannard.

Watch this short clip of Jeff and David filling you in on the changes to Devoted this year.

We know you'll be encouraged and empowered by this growing lineup of teaching as Devoted moves into a new season!

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