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Before we dive into this month's episode, we want to wish every father and father figure in the Miracle Channel Family a very Happy Father's Day! We pray you feel appreciated and loved as you lead your family boldly and confidently.

In this month's episode of Behind the Scenes at Miracle Channel, Jeff Thiessen (Vice President) and David Craig (Director of Programming and Development) share the importance of strong fathers who rely on God's guidance, and give you a behind-the-scenes look at the Citizen studio!

Join David and Jeremy on the set of Citizen!

David Craig, and our CEO Jeremy Prest, have re-launched their show Citizen with a fresh new look and an online focus. Meaning, you can catch NEW episodes of Citizen every Wednesday on Miracle Channel as well as on Youtube AND listen on your favourite podcast platforms!

David and Jeremy are passionate about Canada. On Citizen, you'll sit in on their honest and open conversations about the direction our country is going. They take a stand and will encourage you to learn your rights as a citizen so you can be fully informed on decisions being made that affect you and the next generation in big ways.

Watch new episodes on Youtube, or search "CTZN" on your favourite podcast platform to listen now. Don't forget to subscribe so you get notified when new episodes are  released!

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In this month's episode of Behind the Scenes, Jeff and David share some testimonies from some of our incredible donors. They share why they chose to partner with us in bringing the truth about Jesus to Canada.

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