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Featuring the best of Leon's weekly teachings, this daily program teaches you how to unleash the miraculous in your everyday world!

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This month's product offer:

Love and Identity Bundle

Learn how to avoid counterfeit love and instead experience God's genuine, unconditional love for you. As you become rooted in His love, it will transform your relationships! This resource bundle includes:

  • Loved by God: 5 Truths to Anchor Your Heart (interactive workbook)
  • Selfless Love (Walk in the Word Scripture declarations)
  • Counterfeit Love Is Toxic (audio message by Leon Fontaine)
  • And a durable, vinyl sticker displaying John 15:12

This bundle already includes a digital download of the audio message. Please select whether you would like a CD version as well.

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Love and Identity Bundle

Leon Fontaine

Leon Fontaine was a senior pastor for over 30 years and the CEO of Miracle Channel for over 12 years. His powerful and practical teaching continues to empower believers to be led by Holy Spirit in their everyday lives—in a way that influences the world around them.

Leon Fontaine