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Featuring the best of Leon's weekly teachings, this daily program teaches you how to unleash the miraculous in your everyday world!

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Supernatural Promises

Many Christians know the Word, but they struggle to see the power it has to transform their life. Can you relate?

Here's the thing. To see transformation take place in ANY area of your life, you've got to go beyond getting more head-knowledge and start connecting with God at the heart-level.

In my book, Supernatural Promises, I'll coach you through the process of Biblical meditation. Learn how to take God's promises from your head to heart in over 70 different areas!

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Supernatural Promises

Leon Fontaine

Leon Fontaine was a senior pastor for over 30 years and the CEO of Miracle Channel for over 12 years. His powerful and practical teaching continues to empower believers to be led by Holy Spirit in their everyday lives—in a way that influences the world around them.

Leon Fontaine