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Do you want to see Canada reached for Jesus?

Join us for an exciting 4-part live broadcast event with Jeremy Prest and special guests as we kick off Summer of Significance. Partner with us to reach Canada—and the world—in a BIG way for the Kingdom of God through life-changing media.

Join us for four live broadcasted events.

How to Watch

Watch all four two-hour airings of Summer of Significance throughout the month of June on Miracle Channel.

June 10th at 6pm MT | June 13th at 7pm MT | June 17th at 6pm MT | June 20th at 7pm MT

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What is Summer of Significance?

A four-part live broadcasted fundraising event spanning the whole month of June. Hosted by familiar faces like our CEO, Jeremy Prest, his wife Tamara, as well as David Craig (co-host of Behind the Scenes at Miracle Channel and Citizen), Summer of Significance is an invitation for you to participate in making a significant impact for the Kingdom of God through life-changing media.

Live from our newest studio, this interactive event features a time of worship with the Miracle Channel Family, stories of miracles, teaching from special guests like Dr. Jim Richards, and the opportunity for one-on-one prayer.

Experience a powerful
time of worship with us

"I would love to share my story and why my family and I give to this mission!

We believe that giving to the Miracle Channel helps reach so many people in the world to give them hope, encouragement, love, and most of all to know Jesus and accept Him into their hearts. I went through a traumatic health scare in 2021 and shortly after that we lost a family member to cancer. We are so grateful that we have our faith and know God's promises. If we didn't have that, I’m not sure my outcome in 2021 would have been the same. I was able to cast it all to Jesus and trust in Him!

When storms come, and they will, we know how to trust in God and lean into our faith. There's so many people struggling in the world, and we feel Miracle Channel is a vehicle to reach those people."

- Sheila

Your Summer of Significance Speaker Lineup

Jeremy Prest

Jeremy Prest


In 2023, Jeremy Prest stepped in as Miracle Channel's new CEO. Following in Leon Fontaine's footsteps, Jeremy shares his vision for impacting this nation and communicating the truth about Jesus through every avenue possible. Jeremy is passionate about bringing Miracle Channel into the next chapter of its journey: to reach another level of significant impact for the Kingdom.

Increased broadcast reach around the world and a growing online presence with cutting-edge content that has the Gospel at its foundation are just some of his big ideas for the future of the ministry.

Jim Richards

Dr. Jim Richards

Guest Speaker

The world-renowned Dr. Jim Richards has over 40 years of successful ministry. He has experience in missionary work around the globe, pioneering churches in America, conducting leadership conferences, writing dozens of books, and pastoring in Huntsville, Alabama. During Summer of Significance, Dr. Jim Richards will be sharing teaching from one of his best-selling books: The Anatomy of a Miracle.

You won't want to miss his fascinating walk through Scripture that will change how you view and receive the miraculous in your life. Topics like using your God-given authority and persuading your heart will deepen your understanding and elevate your ability to walk in the miraculous as never before.

Partner With Us This Summer

The anatomy of a Miracle Book

It's only through the support of our donors that we're able to reach people with the outreaches we have running right now. But we also have many plans and dreams for future outreaches, and we need a new level of support to reach that new level of significance.

Would you step into significance with us this summer? When you partner with us and donate $250 or more, we'd love to send you Dr. Jim Richards' book, The Anatomy of a Miracle, as a small thank you.

The anatomy of a Miracle Book

*Gift offer available to Canadian residents only for a gift of $250 or more.

If this is your first time donating to Miracle Channel, thank you so much for partnering with us and supporting the good news about Jesus being spread throughout Canada! Welcome to the Miracle Channel Family—we are so happy to have you here!

Special Guest Appearances

Eden Fontaine Shimoda

Eden Fontaine-Shimoda

David Craig

David Craig

Tamara Prest

Tamara Prest

Pastor Doug Shimoda

Doug Shimoda

Carolyn Dale

Carolyn Dale

Patrick Karuhije

Patrick Karuhije

The Next Stage of Miracle Channel

How YOU can make a significant difference this summer

Summer of Significance TimelineSummer of Significance Timeline

In 2010, when Leon Fontaine became CEO, Miracle Channel was in survival mode. With his excellent leadership and reliance on Holy Spirit to guide him, Leon took Miracle Channel from a state of survival, to stability and success. We are so grateful for his dedication to building the foundation of this ministry's vision for reaching Canada with the hope of Jesus.

But we can't just stop at success, we want to get to a place of significance, where we can reach Canada—and the world—in BIG ways for the Kingdom of God.