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In Focus: New Chapter, Same Vision is a teaching series by Jeremy Prest where he lays out the next chapter for Miracle Channel. As we look to the future our vision and mission stay the same: to bring the hope of Jesus to every person in Canada. That being said, the WAY we do that needs to continually evolve and expand as we move forward in BIG ways. Tune in to hear Jeremy share his heart for the ministry and his plans for the difference we can make in this country and the world.

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Jeremy Prest

Jeremy Prest became the CEO of Miracle Channel in 2023 and is an associate Pastor at Springs Church in Calgary, Alberta.

Jeremy's 15-year media career spans journalism, editing, on-the-ground reporting, leading media teams and more.

Jeremy is passionate about sharing the Word of God wherever he goes. Known for his authenticity, he teaches the Word in a way that isn't just relatable, but genuine and powerful.

Jeremy Prest
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