Devoted Journal

This month's Devoted Journal features 20 days of devotionals centred on the topic of Holy Spirit. Use the extra space to take notes and write down your own thoughts and meditations. You can begin to experience His peace, power and guidance everywhere you go.


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What's Inside the Devoted Journal?

When you receive a copy of the Devoted Journal, you'll receive 20 days of practical devotionals filled with knowledge from the Word to apply to every area of your life. The Devoted Journal series covers a wide range of topics like dreaming and settings goals to learning about the forgiveness you have in Jesus. Here's just a few of the practical topics you'll get to learn from the Devoted Journals:

  • Creating a new vision in your heart and dreaming for the future (Dreams and Goals),

  • Breaking free from your limiting heart beliefs and renewing your mind in God's Word (Heart Faith),

  • Realizing your true freedom from sin in Christ because of His work on the cross (Forgiven and Free),

  • How to be led by Holy Spirit in every area of your life (Holy Spirit), and

  • Learning the skill of powerful prayers and praying with confidence (Confident Prayers)

What's Inside the Devoted Journal?

Do you ever struggle to know how to pray? This month's Devoted Journal: Confident Prayers is all about turning your prayer life around so you can pray with confidence! Dive into each devotional with topics like:

  • how to pray when you don't have the words,

  • the power of praying in Jesus's name,

  • interceding for others through prayer,

  • praying in the spirit, and

  • the connection between prayer and worship.

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Thank you so much for these encouraging and uplifting devotionals. They're my morning cup of blessing. God bless you richly.


When I most needed a word, the devotional has come, I have learned of God's love and grace for me, and many other topics. It has helped me be constant in the search for my relationship with Jesus. Thank you for your ministry! Bless you from Venezuela.


God bless you all at the miracle channel you have/are changing me. l immensely thank you for your message of peace hope and joy.  Have a wonderful day.


Devoted Journal Topics

Dreams and Goals

God wants to help you set goals and dream bigger! In this journal, learn to create a new vision in your heart, starting by getting into God's Word.

Study the Word

God's Word doesn't have to be dry or boring. Discover how when you understand how to meditate and apply it, the Word can transform your life from the inside out.

Heart Faith

Break free from limitations by renewing your mind with God's Word. Let it change your heart and release you from what's holding you back.

The Great Exchange

Reflect on Jesus' sacrifice and its meaning for you today in this Devoted Journal. Discover the greatest miracle in history at the cross.

Forgiven and Free

Shame is a burden God doesn't want you to carry. In this Devoted Journal, learn how in Christ, you're forgiven and set free from sin!

Holy Spirit

Are you experiencing everything that Holy Spirit has for you? Begin to experience His peace, power and guidance everywhere you go!

Confident Prayers

Prayer is a skill you can learn—and God's Word is the ultimate handbook on how to pray with confidence! Learn to experience the power of prayer.

Proverbs for Life

God's Word offers practical guidance for all areas of life—relationships, finances, health and more. Apply its truths and watch your life flourish.

Set Your Mind

Fuel your spirit by meditating on God's Word. This Devoted Journal explores biblical meditation. Take notes and be filled with renewed strength.

Choose Wisdom

When you build your life on wisdom, you'll have the strength to withstand the storms! Receive God's wisdom and begin to apply it to your life.

Kingdom Finances

God wants to see you prosper, increase and succeed—all for the purpose of building His Kingdom! See what the Word says about Kingdom living.

Choosing Joy

Discover how to avoid "happiness traps" and build true, lasting joy in your life.


Devoted by Leon Fontaine

Devoted is a daily devotional inspired by Leon Fontaine, who had a passion for every believer to be equipped with God's promises. In each devotional, you'll get the best of Leon's teaching written in bite-sized pieces that only take two minutes to read. Use this to kick-start your time in God's Word each day.

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