Devoted Journal: Holy Spirit

This month's Devoted Journal features 20 days of devotionals centred on the topic of grace. Use the extra space to take notes and write down your own revelations. Jesus' work is finished, and nothing stands between you and God anymore.

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Set aside time to read

God wants to speak to you. Ask Holy Spirit to soften your heart and teach you as you dive into His Word. Really let it sink in, meditating on the scriptures and the lines in bold.

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Make it personal

Use the notes pages to joy down your thoughts, takeaways, prayers or the ways you plan to apply today's devotional. This is where the process of transformation begins!

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Declare the Word

At the back of this journal, you'll find Walk in the Word; a set of personalized Scripture declarations centred on this month's topic. Start speaking them out loud over your life each day.

Thank you so much for these encouraging and uplifting devotionals. They're my morning cup of blessing. God bless you richly.


When I most needed a word, the devotional has come, I have learned of God's love and grace for me, and many other topics. It has helped me be constant in the search for my relationship with Jesus. Thank you for your ministry! Bless you from Venezuela.


God bless you all at the miracle channel you have/are changing me. l immensely thank you for your message of peace hope and joy.  Have a wonderful day.


Devoted by Leon Fontaine

Devoted is a daily devotional inspired by Leon Fontaine, who had a passion for every believer to be equipped with God's promises. In each devotional, you'll get the best of Leon's teaching written in bite-sized pieces that only take two minutes to read. Use this to kick-start your time in God's Word each day.

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