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September 26, 2023

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. Romans 8:28 (NLT)

Don’t underestimate God’s phenomenal ability to create something good out of what’s intended for evil.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Well, someone abused me as a kid. How is that for my good?” Listen, regardless of what happened, God can pull beauty from ashes in a masterful way. Don’t look at your past and just see the heartache and pain. Look back and see God at work. Look ahead and claim this promise over today and your future!

Take the story of Joseph in Genesis chapters 37 to 50, for example. Because Joseph’s jealous brothers sold him to foreign slave traders, he endured years of incarceration, physical abuse, loneliness and deep sorrow. Yet he rose to become the governor of Egypt and saved multitudes of people—including his cruel brothers—from starvation. I have a feeling Joseph stopped asking, “Why me, God?” and began declaring, “Use me, God!”

Joseph had a heart for God. It didn’t matter what evil came his way. He was confident that God’s purposes could turn his setback around for good.

You see, the bad stuff doesn’t have the final say. God causes everything—good and bad people, circumstances and events—to work together for our good. God can weave good out of unexpected tragedy, nasty co-workers, lousy childhoods and crummy life situations.

Look back on your life. Maybe a timely job opportunity turned a situation around for you, or precious friendships came out of heartache. God works things together for your best. Expect it for your future!

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