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Let's broadcast TRUTH across the nation

If Canada feels dark right now... it's because truth has taken a backseat. It's time to join together as believers and shine a brilliant light.

Today, countless men and women across the nation are searching for a glimpse of hope. The answer they need is Jesus—but many of them aren't yet ready to set foot in church or watch something overtly Christian like Miracle Channel.

That's where Corco comes in.

Three years ago, God opened the door for us to launch a second TV channel: Corco. Now, Corco's lineup of programs is expanding and the channel is on the brink of reaching 7.5 million homes across the nation. This channel is designed to offer positive entertainment and unbiased news to a NEW audience of people we've never reached before. As Corco meets these needs, it will also give viewers a chance to hear the truth about Jesus.

But this next step is only possible with you! Will you give today to support this channel and help broadcast hope and truth to more Canadians?

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What my giving will do


Your giving will make it possible to acquire more positive entertainment for our lineup AND produce our own high-quality programs. People are tired of picking through all the junk out there. We need to give them a better option and stand out in their TV guides.

News and Commentary

On Corco, we’re not handcuffed to a narrative or buried by a social media algorithm. That means when people turn on the TV for the six o’clock news, Corco can be there to offer alternative perspectives not found in mainstream media. Your giving will expand our existing news lineup in the future to serve a wider Canadian audience with the truth.


What good is a message if no one can hear it? Social media, email and online advertising have created a huge digital mission field. Your giving will enable us to use these platforms to spread the word about Corco and captivate a new audience of men and women.


Right now, Corco reaches 1.6 million homes. But this is only the beginning. Your giving will put Corco on the air in MORE cities across Canada. The goal is to reach 4.6 million homes by March 2024, going up to 7.5 million homes by January 2025!

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As our way of saying thanks...

When you give, we would love to send you one of these gifts as a thank you for lighting up Canada with the truth.

Illuminate Canada Collection

Illuminate Canada Collection

This collection is designed to encourage your own walk with God AND help you to be a light to others everywhere you go. It includes:

  • A hand-poured soy candle,
  • A 500-piece Miracle Channel puzzle,
  • A set of 3 quality cloth tote bags with Scripture designs,
  • The Illuminate Canada Guide (to prepare you for a special candlelight service on December 19!),
  • Supernatural Promises by Leon Fontaine, and
  • October's Devoted Journal: Choose Wisdom.

WITH A GIFT OF $1,000+

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Candle Product Offer

Candle & Illuminate Canada Guide

Enjoy the cozy scent of this 8-oz. hand-poured candle, made with soy wax and essential oils by Waxing Crescent, a small business run by Christian high school students. Let this gift remind you of the light you're shining through your giving!

This candle also comes with a beautifully-designed Illuminate Canada Guide to prepare you for a special upcoming candlelight service this Christmas on December 19. We're going to join together to pray for this nation! (More event details to come.)


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* Gifts available to Canadian residents only

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Join Miracle Channel in sharing the transformative message of Jesus across Canada through the Corco channel. Together, let's illuminate hearts and minds—bringing hope, love and the life-changing truth to EVERY corner of our nation.